Lindsey Oberg

Lindsey Oberg

I am a mixed media encaustic painter. I combine old objects that are reminiscent of the past with my own personal history as a way for me to imagine back and have second chance or alternate experiences in life.  At the same time, this allows me to give a new life and a new story to each and every object that I use.  Each piece already has a history, already had a life, and reflecting back on that inspires my art.  I think about who might have owned it, or where it might have been, traveling back in time and ending with the object being given a whole new meaning and significance-- these forgotten memories that may have sat in drawers neglected for decades, now transformed and revitalized. 

Private & Group Lessons

Interested in improving your art skills and techniques? Lindsey has a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts with an extensive art and illustration background. She has a mastery of skills in most art media. Lindsey would love to share her knowledge with you. Schedule a private or group lesson with your friends today!

A Variety of Art Media Are Taught by Lindsey Oberg:  

*Oil Painting

*Acrylic Painting


*Drawing Media

*Encaustic Wax

*Mixed Media


Popular Subject Matter Taught by Lindsey Oberg:




*Still life


*Figure drawing and Painting


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